What Is The Difference Between Concrete And Cement?

What Is The Difference Between Concrete And Cement?

You must be guessing the difference between concrete and cement is it possible? Today I am going to tell you about how cement and concrete are different from each other. You will come to know the different characteristics of concrete vs cement. After reading this page you will learn about many important things that makes difference between concrete and cement.

What Is The Difference Between Concrete And Cement?

The difference between concrete and cement is the ingredients involved in them. Both of the materials look very similar but they are not the same. In cement as well as concrete water is one of the important things that is mixed with them. Let us see further about what is the difference between concrete and cement generally.

What Is Concrete?

Concrete is the construction material that is used in constructing buildings, roads, slabs, etc. The composition of concrete is made up of raw materials like cement, sand, stones, or gravel in general.

What Is Cement?

Cement is the primary construction material that can be used in plain or by mixing with other materials used in construction work. Portland cement is one of the common cement types that are present in concrete vs cement vs mortar in recent times. Cement is composed of raw material like limestone with other contents like silica and clay which can be availed in powder form.

Difference Between Concrete And Cement

Here I have described the difference between concrete and cement in detail. 

  1. Materials

Below is the materials composition of what is cement made of and what is concrete made of.


Concrete consists of cement, sand, and small to medium-sized stones or gravels.


Cement is composed of limestone in the most natural form. However, the composition of cement also includes silica and clay particles.

  1. Texture

There is a difference between cement and concrete texture which can be noticed easily.


The texture of the concrete is not even as compared to the cement. As there are materials like sand, stone, gravel inside the concrete they form a coarse mixture, hence resulting in a rough texture.


In cement every material is grounded in small particles hence it has a smooth texture. Both dry and wet mixtures of cement are evenly mixed due to their fine powder to produce a smoother paste.

  1. Uses

In the following, I have described what is the difference between portland cement and concrete uses.


Here are the details of what is concrete used for different purposes.

  • Creating the base foundations of the building.
  • Filling material for the concrete vs cement slab and beam.
  • Building concrete blocks
  • Used in constructing bridges
  • In the making of the sidewalks
  • Building of the dams
  • Construction of kitchen countertops


Here are the details of what is cement used for different purposes.

  • To prepare concrete
  • Used with sand to make the composition of mortar
  • Filling small cracks and crevices
  • School DIY projects
  • Plasters of wall
  • Repairing patches
  1. Mixing

How there is a difference between concrete and mortar cement mixing processes let us see it below.


There is a difference between concrete and cement mixer techniques due to the different materials involved in concrete. Materials like sand and stones are a little difficult to mix so a big concrete blender machine is used at construction sites.


A slow and continuous mixing process is involved while preparing cement mixture. This is done to avoid lump formation and create even cement mortar paste.

  1. Durability

There is some durability difference between concrete and cement tiles.


A concrete wall or surface block is more durable due to its proper and even binding ability. The structure and construction made by concrete are stable and can last for more years. However, the strength of the concrete depends upon the amount of water mixed while creating the basic mixture.


Cement tiles are less durable and can start cracking if used as a single product. The cracks can be noticed as small holes on the cement surfaces. Using an external coat of the protector on cement can prevent cracking.

  1. Resistance

What resistance difference between concrete and cement floor and walls can be seen let us read it in the following.


The concrete helps in building more sound resistance walls. Hence very less sound is passed from the walls in the other room.


In the difference between concrete and cement bricks, water resistance is seen. The floor becomes more waterproof after the cement plaster.

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Which Is Cheaper Concrete Or Cement?

Is cement cheaper than concrete? Cement is not usually cheaper than concrete. This is because cement is the main ingredient of concrete. Once aggregates are added, such as sand or gravel –which are much cheaper to acquire, the cost of the mix will be less.

What Makes Concrete Crack?

Cracking occurs when shrinkage forces become greater than the strength of the concrete. This can be seen as a race against time between two phenomena: the evaporation of water and the increase in the strength of concrete. This is also true for concrete parts that cannot deform.

Can I Use Cement Without Sand?

Yes, cement can indeed be used without sand. Cement and water can be used as a slurry. Now, we do use white cement + water at time for certain applications like filling joints or applying it on wall cracks or for minor plastering works at times.

How Much Stronger Is Concrete Than Cement?

Is cement stronger than concrete? Cement is not stronger than concrete. On its own, in fact, cement is prone to cracking. When combined with aggregate materials and water and allowed to harden, however, cement—now concrete—is extraordinarily strong.

Let’s start with the basics: concrete is significantly stronger than cement. Cement is a durable material in its own right, but it simply does not compare to concrete. That’s why cement is usually used for smaller, more decorative projects.

Are Basement Floors Concrete Or Cement?


The vast majority of basements in America are constructed using concrete, one of the most durable materials available to home builders. One of concrete’s few weaknesses, however, is porousness, which means that it allows water vapor to enter the basement through the slab floor and foundation walls.


Today we discussed the difference between concrete and cement in general. You understood the composition in the concrete, cement, and mortar. I told you the various uses of cement and concrete in this article. You are now having a common idea of the difference between concrete and cement which you can remember any time in your DIY projects.

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