What Is The Speed Of A Sneeze?

What Is The Speed Of A Sneeze?

Can you tell me the speed of a sneeze? You might be wondering after hearing that, the speed of the sneeze is also calculated. But it is true that you can calculate the speed of the sneeze. In this article, we will give you the formula to calculate the sneeze’s speed. You all know that sneezing is a very quick and sudden action done by any living animal. The main goal of the sneeze is to get rid of whatever is bugging your body. Unfortunately, getting rid of germs is such a violent method means spreading germs in a rather large spray of saliva, irritants, mucus, and caught viruses. Let’s take a look at the speed of a sneeze.  

What Is The Speed Of A Sneeze?

The speed of a sneeze is around 100 miles per hour and it creates upwards of 100,000 droplets. The speed of the sneeze means the speed of air that comes out of your nose. Can a sneeze exceed the speed of 100 mph? Yes, because the speed of your every sneeze is different, therefore, it is not mandatory that your sneezing speed is also 100 miles per hour, it can be more or less than that. Here are the different speeds of the sneeze, 

  • The top speed of a sneeze is around 4.5 meters per second 
  • The highest speed of a sneeze is 4.5 m/s 
  • The average wind speed of a sneeze in km per hour is 150 kilometers per hour or more 
  • The average speed of a sneeze is 100 miles per hour 
  • The highest recorded speed sneeze speed is 103 miles per hour 
  • The approximate speed of droplets from a sneeze is 50 miles per hour 

The speed of the sneeze depends upon the capacity of the lungs, how much air you breathe in prior to the sneeze, as well as structural differences within the throat, nose, and mouth that help shape the sound. However, there are also social differences in how we sneeze. In simple words, just as everyone has a different sound, the sneezes can be different as well. 

Let’s know how to calculate the speed of the sneeze.   

Calculate The Speed Of A Sneeze 

To calculate the speed of the sneezing you need a compressed air supply to stimulate the flow after sneezing. The average speed of sneezing for a human is between 10 and 50 m/s and the duration of a sneeze for humans varies from 0.06s to 0.3 s. After knowing the time and distance you can calculate the speed of the sneeze by using the formula, 

Speed of a sneeze = Distance/Time 


S = D/T m/s 

Let’s take an example to understand this formula. 

A boy inhaled a 500ml volume of air and sneezed. He found that the time of his sneezing was 0.2 seconds and the droplets spread 5 meters away from him. What will be the speed of the sneeze? 

So, by using the formula, 

Speed of a sneeze = Distance/Time 

                               = 5/0.2 = 25 m/s 

Now, you know how fast is the speed of a sneeze and how far does a sneeze travel

About A Sneeze 

Sneezing is nothing but a body’s way of removing irritants from your nose or throat. It is a powerful, spontaneous eviction of air. While this symptom can be quite irritating, it is not usually the result of any severe health problem. A healthy person also sneezes a few times a day. Sneezing happens without warning and suddenly, therefore, you can not control them. 

One of the functions of your nose is to clean the air you breathe, making sure it is free of dirt and bacteria. In most cases, your nose traps this dirt and bacteria in music. Your stomach then digests the mucus, which kills any potentially harmful invaders.  Sneezing can be triggered by a variety of things, including allergens, viruses, nasal irritants, inhalation of corticosteroids through a nasal spray, drug withdrawal, etc. 

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How Much Force Goes Into A Sneeze?

In either case, covered or uncovered, the pressure developed during the sneeze can be around 1 psi (51.7 mmHg) in the windpipe. Another author measured the pressure developed in the mouth/pharynx during a sneeze as about 135 mmHg (2.6 psi) reached in about 0.1s.

How Strong Is A Sneeze?

And it can be pretty powerful, expelling tens of thousands of droplets from your nose at up to 100 miles per hour, according to the American Lung Association. (Although some people have a less-powerful sneeze reflex, which may lead them to sneeze many times in a row in order to expel the irritant.)

Does Your Heart Stop When You Hiccup Or Sneeze?

You may have heard that your heart skips a beat when you sneeze, but that’s a myth. Electrical signals that control your heart rate aren’t affected by the physiological changes that happen when you sneeze. But the heart may get delayed for a second or two before resuming its regular rhythm.

Can You Sneeze With Your Eyes Open?

David Huston, MD, associate dean of the Texas A&M College of Medicine Houston campus and an allergist at Houston Methodist Hospital, said it is “absolutely possible” to sneeze without closing the eyes, but most people tend to automatically close their eyes when sneezing.


By reading this article you got knowledge about what is the average speed of a human sneeze and also how to calculate it. You know how powerful is a sneeze by knowing its speed. As soon as you sneeze, millions of tiny droplets come out of your mouth and nose, and these droplets spread into the environment. Such droplets do inside other people through their noses. If the sneezed person is infected then the other people who breathed his droplets may get infected. Therefore, always use a scarf while sneezing. Now, you know the speed of a sneeze

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