What Is The Speed Of An Arrow? 

What Is The Speed Of An Arrow? 

Before knowing the speed of an arrow, you should know what an arrow is first. So, the arrow is an ancient tool used to hunt and protect dangerous animals. And while it was naturally considered a tool of war due to its status as a weapon. But spiritually, it is a symbol of peace and other philosophical ideas. But for native Americans, the arrow quite literally meant life. Actually, the speed of the arrow is not the same for all but it depends on the draw weight of the bow, your draw length, limb material, energy profile of the bow, bowstring material, the weight of the arrow, and the prevailing wind conditions. Let’s take a look at the speed of an arrow

What Is The Speed Of An Arrow? 

The speed of an arrow is up to 225 feet per second or 150 miles per hour, which is for recurve bow arrows, and for the compound arrow, it is up to 300 feet per second or 200 miles per hour. Longbow arrows can travel at slow speeds because of their weight. Even at 300 feet per second, it takes around a second to reach a 90-meter target. You can measure the speed of an arrow in different units such as, 

  • The speed of an arrow mph is 150 miles per hour for a recurve arrow and 200 miles per hour for a compound arrow. 
  • The speed of an arrow in m/s is 45 m/s  
  • The arrow speed km/h is 322.80 km/h 

What is the speed of an arrow from a longbow? So, the speed of an arrow from a longbow is between 172 and 177 feet per second, according to Longbow Speed Testing. Now, your question may be how fast is an arrow shot from a bow? Well, a recurve bow arrow is shot from a bow with a speed of 225 feet per second and for the compound arrow, it is 300 feet per second.  

Well, after knowing the average speed of an arrow, let’s know how to calculate it with the help of a formula. 

Calculate The Speed Of An Arrow 

To calculate the speed of an arrow you need to observe two variables namely time and distance. The speed of the arrows was determined by measuring the time of flight between two coils 2 meters apart. The 1st coil was placed at some distance from the bow, varying from ½ to 3 meters. The coils used nearly 400 windings of 0.2 mm copper wire on wooden formers with an aperture of 16.5 cm diameter. If you know the time and distance then you can also calculate the speed of the arrow by using the formula given below, 

Speed of an arrow = Distance covered by an arrow/Time taken by an arrow to cover a certain distance 

In symbolic form, 

S = D/T 


          S is the speed 

          D is the total distance covered by an arrow 

          T is the time taken by an arrow 

Let’s understand this formula by considering an example. 

An arrow hit the target which was placed 135 meters away from the bow, in 3 seconds. Then what will be the speed of an arrow? 

So, by using a formula, 

Speed of an arrow = Distance covered by an arrow/Time taken by an arrow to cover a certain distance  

                              = 135/3 = 45 m/s. 

So, the speed of an arrow is around 45 m/s. 

About An Arrow 

An arrow is an ancient tool used to hunt animals and to protect humans from animals or any dangers. There are so many aspects of an arrow, because it is used in religious things, in war, and now it is also used in games like archery. Generally, it is a long, stiff, straight shaft with a weighty arrowhead attached to the front end, multiple fin-like stabilizers called fletchings mounted near the rear, and a slot at the rear called a nock for engaging the bowstring.  

An arrow is a very simple yet small tool, even you can make it from a wooden stick. You can not use an arrow without a bow, which is also a tool used to hold and shoot an arrow. In ancient times there were wooden arrows and sometimes metal arrows. But currently, there are several types of arrows, including carbon arrows, aluminum arrows, wooden arrows, and aluminum carbon arrows.  

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Are Arrows As Fast As Bullets?

The answer is not as fast as you might think. An arrow shot from a crossbow travels at about 200 feet per second (fps), or about the same speed as a bullet fired from a handgun. The exact speed depends on the weight of the arrow, but it’s generally somewhere between 200 and 240 fps.

What Determines The Speed Of An Arrow?

Three of the most important factors that directly affect arrow speed is draw weight, draw length, and the weight of your arrows. At a glance – if you increase draw length, increase draw weight, and/or use lighter arrows, you’ll experience an increase in arrow speed.

Can You Survive An Arrow To The Stomach?

[48] As Bill states, “Arrow wounds of the abdomen are generally fatal. An arrow can scarcely pass through the abdomen and fail to open a vessel or wound an intestine.”[49] If the abdominal wall is breached the main threat is from a hemorrhage or an infection resulting from a punctured intestine.

Can A Human Dodge An Arrow?

Considering that people catch arrows – 10 catches in 2 minutes, it is clearly possible to dodge arrows. Watch the video and you can see that dodging is definitely possible.


After reading this article, you may be curious to know about the speed of arrow vs bullet. Because they both are speedy tools. But, as per research, the speed of the bullet is ten times faster than the speed of the arrow. This is because the applied force by a bow is lower than that of a gun and also the weight of an arrow is more than a bullet. If you want to join archery then it is very beneficial for you to know the speed and types of arrows. And in that, this article will help you. Now, this was all about the speed of an arrow

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