What Is The Speed Of Coaxial Cable?

What Is The Speed Of Coaxial Cable?

Before knowing the speed of coaxial cable you should know about the coaxial cable. So, the coaxial cable is the copper cable specially designed with a metal shield and other components engineered to block signal interference. The coaxial cable is mainly used by TV companies to connect their satellite antenna facilities to customers’ homes and businesses. In simple words, coaxial cables are not used for transferring electricity but they are used to transfer signals. There are several types of coaxial cables, we will discuss them below in detail. Let’s have a look at the speed of coaxial cable

What Is The Speed Of Coaxial Cable? 

The speed of coaxial cable is around 10 megabytes per second, and also they offer 80 times more transmission capacity than twisted pair cables. As the coaxial cable transfers data, their speed is calculated in Mbps and not in km/h or m/s. Now your question may be what is the max speed of coaxial cable? Well, the maximum speed of coaxial cable is around 10 Mbps. 

What types of coaxial cable for high speed internet? There are several types of coaxial cable that can transfer internet firstly, but RG-6 cable is considered the best coaxial cable for internet transfer. Because, RG-6 has a larger conductor, which provides a much better signal quality, and the dielectric insulation is thicker also. RG-6 cables are alo made with a different kind of shielding, which means they can carry GHz-level signals effectively. Here is the speed of the different types of coaxial cables, 


  • speed of RG-6 coaxial cable is 10 Gbps 
  • speed of RG-59 coaxial cable is 150 m for 100 Mbps and 250m for 10 Mbps 
  • speed of RG-11 coaxial cable is 10 Mbps 


Well, you know what is the maximum speed of coaxial cable as well as what type of coaxial cable for high speed of internet. Let’s know how to calculate the speed of the coaxial cable by using a formula.   

Calculate The Speed Of Coaxial Cable 

You can test the speed of your coaxial cable by using a multimeter or coax testing tool, which is an efficient and quick way to test the speed of the coaxial cable. But, here we will give you the formula to calculate the speed. For this, you should know the coaxial cable speed and distance. So, to know the velocity factors and velocity of propagation let’s know the formula as given below. 

F = Vp/λ 

Vp = F x λ 

Where, f – is the frequency 

            λ  – is the wavelength 

Vp – is the velocity of propagating 

Let’s understand this formula by considering an example. 

A wave with a wavelength of 1550 nm and a frequency of 50Hz. Then what will be the speed of the coaxial cable? 

So, by using the formula, 

Vp = F x λ 

     = 50 x 1550 x 10-9 

     = 0.775 x 10-4

About Coaxial Cable 

The coaxial cable is the type of cable, it is made up of copper especially built with a metal shield and other components designed to block signal interference. It is used by telephonic companies as well as TV companies to connect central offices to telephone poles near customers and throw their TV channels respectively. Some homes and offices use coaxial cable, too, but its widespread use as an Ethernet connectivity medium in enterprises and data centers has been supplanted by the deployment of twisted pair cabling.  

The name coaxial came from one physical channel that carries the signal surrounded by a layer of insulation by another concentric physical channel, both running along the same axis. 

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How Fast Is Coaxial Cable Internet?

How fast are the data speeds with coaxial cables? Unfortunately, in most cases, coaxial cables fall short in terms of data speed. Some internet service providers are able to get up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps), but it’s not too common. The coaxial cable that runs a connection into your home might be shared, too.

Is Coaxial Cable Fast Or Slow?

And with coax we now reach speeds between 50 and 500 Mbps (6.25 to 62.5 MB). So internet by coax has since become as fast as by optical fibre. But new technology enables us to actually boost the performance of coaxial cable. Due to DOCSIS 3.1 the old TV cable can equal the speed of optical fibre.

Which Is Better Cat6 Or Coaxial Cable?

Additionally the copper conductor inside Coax cable is generally much thicker than on Cat6 which allows for the transmission of the signals with less resistance which improves the image quality received by the recorder over longer distances.

What Is The Maximum Distance For Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cable can be cabled over longer distances than twisted-pair cable. For example, Ethernet can run approximately 100 meters (328 feet) using twisted-pair cabling. Using coaxial cable increases this distance to 500m (1640.4 feet).


In this article, you have learned all about the speed of the coaxial cables as well as how to calculate it by using a formula. Do you know? Coaxial cables are not new technology but were invented in 1880 by English engineer and mathematician Oliver Heaviside, who patented the invention and design that same year. In the coaxial cable, the outer channel serves as a ground and the inner channel carries data. Many of these cables or pairs of coaxial tubes can be placed in a single outer sheathing and, with repeaters, can carry information for a great distance. This is all about the speed of coaxial cable


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