What Is A Double Boiler?

What Is A Double Boiler?

If you are thinking what is a double boiler just after someone suggested you buy it? Then you will need to read this informative article which will help you a lot to know about this hot pot. I am going to describe what is the meaning of double boiler cookware and how it works. You will come to know the different uses of the double boiling pot below. So stay here for a few minutes to know important points that I will explain about what is a double boiler.

What Is A Double Boiler?

A double boiler is a setup of the two pots where heat-sensitive products are warmed. There is a product placed inside one pot and in the other pot, water is boiled. Arrangement of the pots is simple just by placing them on one another. Steam is formed when external heat is applied which helps in heating the product. The main use of the double boiler is to control the heat steadily while cooking, boiling, melting, etc.

Another name for the double boiler is ‘Bain Maries’. It is the French terminology used for the cooking process which tells us what is the difference between a bainmarie and a double boiler term easily. The double boiler is a very innovative technology that has become popular in modern days. So let us see more details about the double boiler in further.

Components Of A Double Boiler?

There are two components in the double boiler set up as follows:

  1. Boiling Pan Or Pot

 The water-containing pot is placed at the bottom which is known as boiling double boiler vs steamer pot.

  1. Small Pot

Another pan which can be referred to as a saucepan is kept on the boiling pot.

A glass lid is also available nowadays with a double boiler unit.

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Working Of Double Boiler Setup?

The double boiler setup works on the principle of steam heat. One pot is filled with water while another pot contains the product to be prepared or cooked. The fitting of the pots is simple as the large double boiler pot is a boiling pan and the small double boiler pot is called a saucepan. 

Pots are kept on each other according to the ideal fitting of the setup. Hence, by use of external heat water will start to boil in the pan below and create hot steams. The product in the above pan will melt slowly and steadily without causing a disturbance in the desired result.

A new double boiler pot is also available in the market which consists of two walled metal layers which have gaps between them to fill water. After heating, the water will boil inside the metal and the inner surface of the pot can be used directly, this reduces the efficiency of using two separate pots. However, double boiler amazon cookware of two pans is preferred more to prevent overheating. 

Uses Of Double Boiler

I have described what is a double boiler used for in the following. Let’s see.

  1. Cooking

In the cooking process, what is a double boiler to melt chocolate, cheese, and other delicate foods is popular. With the help of a double potboiler, different sauces can be made easily as the heating of the product is done slowly. With the two pots methods, the scorching and curdling are prevented which helps in making the perfect sauce out of sensitive materials like eggs. For example, chocolate sauce is a cooking product cooked from what is a double boiler chocolate melting pot.

  1. Boiling

To boil the milk slowly while preparing the desserts recipes a double boiler is a very useful cookware. Many of the custards are prepared in what is a double boiler espresso machine that helps with boiling. The products in the double boiler pot can be boiled easily and effectively without disturbing the desired texture. A frozen material can be defrosted with the double boiler apparatus.

  1. Blending

With slow heating, many of the products can be mixed properly and a double boiler method for oil blends can be obtained. Waxes can be heated with constant heat and different substances can be added to them.

For example, a mixture of thick and volatile oils can be prepared by what is a double boiler pan kept on the stove for boiling and adding the oils one by one into it. 

  1. Melting

The application of what is a double boiler used for in cooking is not limited however, it is also useful in melting different products. The slow heating of the wax is done what is a double boiler for candle making for homes. Soap can be molded out with the use of a double boiler pan in different sizes and shapes. 

We understood what is a double boiler pot used for but what is the temperature at which a double boiler works efficiently is also important. So let us continue further and know a few more important details of boiling double pots.

How To Setup Double Boiler With Two Pots?

Yes, you can know how to make a double boiler with two pots as it is a very simple setup. The things needed are two pans of big and small sizes. Always place the big pot below and fill it with water now place the small pot in the center of the big pot and your double boiler setup is ready to use. This double boiler substitute is cheaper than the original cookware, however, the perfect fitting double boilers are safer to use.

Double Boiler Temperature 

The temperature of the double boiler can be increased upto 93 to 100 degrees Celsius, which is around 200 to 212 Fahrenheit. Water is the main thing on what temperature is used in a double boiler to melt chocolate depends, and 100 degrees is the temperature at which water is boiling. If the water is evaporated completely from the bottom pot then the temperature will increase more than 100 degrees which will produce direct heat. 

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Can I Use A Crockpot Instead Of A Double Boiler?

Your slow cooker is more than just a handy appliance that cooks foods while you’re away. It can also be used as a double boiler, steamer and a bread maker.

Can You Use A Microwave In Place Of A Double Boiler?

If simmering water and makeshift double boilers sound fussy, don’t despair. Each and every expert we spoke to is completely okay with using the microwave. It’s faster and less messy, and may be the best option if you need to quickly melt a small amount of chocolate.

Can You Use A Mug As A Double Boiler?

If you don’t have a double boiler, using a glass measuring cup and saucepan to make a double boiler is a quick and easy option. This is useful for small amounts of salve and lip balm and very easy to clean up.

Can I Use A Stainless Steel Bowl As A Double Boiler?

Anyone can create a make-shift double boiler using two items in the kitchen. All you need is a pot or large saucepan and a stainless steel or glass bowl that rests on the rim.

One of the most common double boiler substitutes is to use a heatproof mixing bowl on top of a pot of simmering water. When using this method, you want to be sure that there is space between the mixing bowl and the simmering water. The bowl shouldn’t be touching the water.


In this article, you came to know about what is a double boiler in general. I told you the meaning of the double boiler pot and how the setup is made. You understood the principle in the boiling and cooking of products with this cookware. Different uses of the boiler double pan that I explained in detail with the temperature factor. No more questions must be left now in your mind of what is a double boiler.

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