What Is A THM File?

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In the realm of digital files and multimedia, the .THM file extension may seem mysterious to many users. What exactly is a .THM file, and how does it relate to devices like GoPro cameras? This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the intricacies of .THM files, shedding light on their purpose, creation, and how they fit into the digital landscape.

What Is A THM File?

A .THM file is a thumbnail file, typically associated with multimedia devices such as cameras and camcorders. These files serve the purpose of providing a visual preview or thumbnail representation of larger video files captured by the device.

What Is A .THM File Gopro?

Specifically within the context of GoPro cameras, .THM files play a crucial role. When recording videos using a GoPro device, a corresponding .THM file is generated to provide a thumbnail preview of the video content. This aids users in quickly identifying and selecting specific files.

What Is A Gopro .THM File?

A GoPro .THM file is essentially a thumbnail file generated by GoPro cameras. It accompanies video files and enhances the user experience by offering a visual preview of the content. These files are particularly useful when managing and organizing large numbers of video clips.

What Is A .THM File Extension?

The .THM file extension is a specific identifier denoting thumbnail files. Extensions act as labels that inform the operating system about the type and functionality of a file. In this case, .THM signifies a file designed to provide a visual snapshot or preview.

What Is A .THM File On Windows 10?

On a Windows 10 operating system, a .THM file appears as a thumbnail alongside the corresponding video file. Windows 10 utilizes these thumbnail files to enhance the visual representation of multimedia content, making it easier for users to browse and organize their files.

What Is A .THM File On Mac?

Similarly, on a Mac system, .THM files serve as thumbnails associated with video content. Mac operating systems leverage these files to generate visual previews, offering a quick and convenient way for users to identify and manage their multimedia files.

What Is A .THM File On Iphone?

On iPhones, .THM files may not be as prevalent since iOS devices typically use other file formats. However, if you transfer video content from devices like GoPro to an iPhone, you may encounter .THM files accompanying the video files to provide visual previews.

What Is A .THM File And Can I Delete It?

While the .THM file itself is not essential for playing the video content, deleting it may result in the loss of thumbnail previews. The actual video files remain intact, but the absence of .THM files may make it challenging to identify and select specific videos quickly.

Lrv File:

In conjunction with .THM files, GoPro cameras also generate .LRV files. These Low-Resolution Video files provide a lower-resolution version of the video content, facilitating quicker playback and previewing on the camera’s LCD screen.

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How To Open A .THM File:

To open a .THM file, users typically do not interact directly with it. Instead, media players and operating systems automatically recognize and display the thumbnail previews associated with their corresponding video files. Users can open and play the actual video files using standard media players.

.THM File Converter:

As .THM files are primarily thumbnail representations, there is typically no need to convert them. However, users may explore video conversion tools to manipulate the original video files if necessary. .THM files themselves do not undergo conversion in standard use.


In the digital landscape, understanding file extensions like .THM adds a layer of insight into the inner workings of multimedia devices. As an integral part of the GoPro ecosystem, .THM files contribute to a streamlined user experience, making it easier to manage and enjoy the captured moments through enhanced visual previews. While not critical to the video content itself, .THM files play a vital role in simplifying the organization and accessibility of multimedia files.


Is It Okay To Delete THM Files?

MODD, MOFF, and THM files are management files used by PlayMemories Home™. They contain information needed for managing images in PlayMemories Home, such as date and time or recording and GPS information, so do not delete them.

What Is A THM File And How Do I Open It?

A . thm file is probably just a thumbnail image of a video, not a full file. If you do want to view the thumbnail, you can try making a duplicate of the image and changing the extension to . jpg and see if Preview will then open it.

How Do I Convert A THM File To Jpg?

Just 3 steps and a few seconds!

  • Upload THM-file(s) Click the “Upload” button to select your THM image files, or by dragging it on the page.
  • Choose “to JPEG” Choose JPEG or any other format you need as a result (200+ formats supported).
  • Download your JPEG.

Do I Need The THM Files?

As you can see, even if LRV and THM files are not essential for the recording and editing process, they do have a purpose. While HD video is stored in MP4 files, LRV files are better for streaming and are also helpful to send your videos via email.

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